Trump shares a smile with Abe トランプ大統領は安倍首相と笑顔を共有

Topic, 偏向報道

US President Donald Trump shows his lighter side on a photo he shared on Twitter, alongside Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday, February 11.

The photo showed Trump without his signature pout and shared a smile with Abe. “Heading to Joint Base Andrews on #MarineOne with Prime Minister Shinzō earlier today,” as quoted on Trump’s caption.

Trump and Abe’s 20-second ‘uncomfortable’ handshake at the White House went viral on social media and received the most criticizing comments by the netizens.


写真はトランプのサインがなく、アベと笑顔を見せていた。 トランプ氏の肩書きに引用されているように、「合同基地Andrewsへ向かう」。